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Bryan H. Carroll (Producer, Director)

“Veterans have served such an important role to our country, our lives and even to this business that we all love. “  

Michael Mostin – Moviola (Vice President)

‘I’m a big believer in hiring vets. They’ve served their country by choice. They tend to be totally committed with a great work ethic.’

Vets On Set Job Board

Thank you for reviewing our Job Board Opportunities. Help Us, Help Veterans and share any  of these gigs or jobs with your veteran friends.

Clay Hanna – Thank you Vets On Set!

“I was invited to the Vets on Set studio to complete a video interview to assist in my efforts of employment in the film industry. It was here that I met the staff of Absolute Live Productions and was offered a job based on my interview skills, job history and prior service in the military. […]

Chip Miller – Director / Producer / Screenwriter

Just want to let you know what a fantastic job you guys are doing with your Vets on Set organization.  A hearty congrats to all!  It is a wonderful thing you are doing. Chip (a combat Vietnam Vet) Chip Miller Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Partner Desert C.A.M. Inc. Winmill Films LLC La Quinta & Burbank, CA & Vancouver, BC

Ami – Employer

“I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping to staff COD XP! I loved getting to know the vets; they were all fantastic workers and were very appreciative of being a part of our team. Zakarias Kawamleh, Ronald Akins and Jeffery Jackson especially stood out but they all were willing to work […]

Andrew Coles – Veteran

“Just wrapped up on the call of duty event last night. I wanted to drop you a big thank you for bringing me on the project. All of the crew there was really impressed with the vets and everything was a success.” Thanks, Andrew Coles

Rick Garza - Veteran / Sound Editor

Rick Garza – Veteran / Sound Editor

“Thanks Tamara!! It’s people like you and Dave that make this country better. Seriously! You’re not sitting around a meeting table discussing what the “next step” should be, and you are not waiting for some law to pass legislation before you do something about the economy. You are out there hittin the streets getting people […]

Tyler Walser – Veteran

“Just wanted to shoot a quick thank you to you and everyone else with Vets On Set for setting me up with the client on the COD event. It turned into nearly a months worth of work and it was a blast to work with other veterans.” Thanks, Tyler Walser tyler.walser@yahoo.com

Cristi – Employer

“Thank you again for your help. I cannot believe how fast you were able to get responses. I truly hope I will be able to bring each one of them into our film family in some capacity as they all sounded great on the phone.” Cristi