Red Dot Vs. Holographic Sight

All You Need To Know About The Differences Between Red Dot And Holographic Sight

To the average individual, the red dot and holographic sight technology used by rifleman can appear similar; however, they are actually quite different.  By taking a closer look into the different technologies, it is seen that the holographic sight function of rifles operates using hologram technology within durable construction designs.  This is ideal for those heading out into extreme conditions.  The red dot sight alternative, however, utilizes LED technology to create the reticle.  Aiming with the red dot sight is a common option and is arguably far more common than the holographic sight option among military services.  This article will take a brief look at the two technologies or designs and how they differ.

How Do The Sights Operate?

Red dot and holographic sight technologies are basically forms of rifle scopes.  This rifle scope is used to assist in aiming when shooting a particular rifle and is seen in various weapons across the globe.  While it seems relatively unnecessary to know about the aim scope of the rifle, it can be important to know how the aim scope operates to use the rifle to its full abilities.  The holographic sight design is useful in that it uses hologram technology to reconstruct the light field being viewed.  It is also able to record the items seen bouncing away 3D images.  The storage of information is preserved and allows for several viewings of the area by different individuals simultaneously. Here are reviews on some of the top holo sights available on the market today.

The Differences Between Red Dot And Holographic Sight

1. Battery Life

The red dot or reflex sight alternative operates using the LED technology or low power technology.  While this is not as beneficial in obtaining information, the red dot feature is beneficial in its ability to save battery power.  The holographic sight alternative will present with strong laser rays to detect the reticle; however, the rays will influence battery life and batteries will die faster.  This should always be considered when choosing the type of rifle for a particular operation.  If you do opt for a holographic sight rifle it is advised that you turn off the feature when not in use to save battery power.

2. Parallax Distortion

One of the greatest issues with the red dot option is that they are subjected to parallax distortion.  The parallax distortion refers to a complication experienced when the human eye is not perfectly aligned with the sight.  As the distance increases, the problem becomes greater when using a red dot rifle as the technology is based on reflex technology.  The holographic sight technology does not have this problem as it uses laser rays to manage the image and avoid any misalignments.  Errors regarding parallax distortions can be detrimental as they result in the need for longer shots.

3. Complexity

Due to the increased amount of features and aspects of technology, the holographic sight is by far more complicated to use than the red dot alternative.  In addition, the holographic device is larger and bulkier making it difficult to manage physically.  This is an area where the red dot alternative is beneficial as it is easy to use and immune to temperature fluctuations.

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